1803 Market Street, stretching from the original shoreline of Lake Ontario (Front Street today) north to King Street, is one of Old Toronto’s main roads, connecting the harbour to the town centre of York – a burgeoning British outpost.

1858 Market Street buildings constructed for grain trader Edward Leadley Co.

Additional space created to establish the Armoury Hotel

1899 Six-storey office buildings erected for the city’s growing business population

Market Street nicknamed ‘Muddy York’ for obvious reasons

1902 St. Lawrence Market south building opens, built where the old city hall and the armory
once stood

1908 Eight Market Street opens – a tall building for its time at six storeys and serves as an office building. Its French-inspired Mansard roof is added later.

1974 St. Lawrence Market area undergoes rehaul project

Present The result of an inspired revitalization project, Market Street now stands proud. The beautiful heritage buildings not only reflect the character and historical complexion of the community but also house a microcosm of the city’s characteristic melting pot of food culture and vibrancy. Those hungry for culture and charm will appreciate the diversity and passion of the new foodie hub.