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Barsa Taberna | Date Night

While Yashy and I are not shy about taking the kids to a nice restaurant, on many occasions, we are eager to have a night to ourselves. Following a recent Travel Massive meet-up near St. Lawrence Market, we seized the opportunity to discover a new restaurant. Naturally, we conducted some quick research at the meet-up, and the place that we found most intriguing was named Barsa Taberna, which had some solid online reviews and was described as a “bright, artsy Spanish eatery serving Barcelona-inspired tapas”, exactly the type of place we sought. This spot is by far one of Toronto’s coziest restaurants!

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Bindia Indian Bistro (Toronto)

Bindia aims to serve Indian food within an airy brightly lit bistro. Their dining room doesn’t have an ounce of red or gold, instead there are calming blues and warm wood tones. The well ventilated restaurant means you can even go out afterwards without being perfumed with the aromatic aromas.

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Restaurant Review: Bindia

Always a sucker for markets, I often find myself looking for excuses to venture to St. Lawrence to peruse the aisles and explore the area. In recent years, there has been a bit of resurgence, with new restaurants setting up shop along the Market St. strip. One of those restaurants is Bindia, a modern Indian restaurant serving some delicious gluten-free eats. Indian cuisine is typically gluten-free friendly, which is awesome because I love the bold and spicy flavours.

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